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The Little Way Association is a charity that aims to help the poor, needy and sick in developing countries throughout the world.  For over 50 years the Association has provided assistance to those in need, currently raising around 4m each year.  Most of our supporters are Roman Catholics, but some of our benefactors belong to other Christian denominations and other faiths.  Any donation which is sent to us  by post, by banker's order, or online through this website is used entirely for the purpose(s) specified by the donor (we have a separate fund for administrative expenses). We make sure that the money goes to help those in the greatest need by ensuring that all projects we support are supervised by the local bishop or missionary society.  Our funds provide food, medicines and other aid for the hungry, sick, refugees, needy children, lepers and victims of natural disasters.  We give funds to help build small houses and schools, provide wells, roof mission chapels and support Missionary Priests, Sisters and Brothers in clinics, hospitals and orphanages.  In times of famine and drought we provide emergency relief.

Will you enable a missionary priest or sister to carry the love, care and compassion of Christ to those of our brothers and sisters in dire distress and in urgent need of help?

Your gift will mean a chance of health and happiness, perhaps even the difference between life and death.  Please help The Little Way Association  to respond to the hundreds of requests received each week from bishops, priests and sisters all around the world appealing for help on behalf of their suffering people by donating whatever you can.  Every penny you send will be gratefully received.

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About us

About us

Your gift to support our brothers and sisters

in dire distress and in urgent need of help

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Mass is offered daily for all our supporters’ intentions. Thank you so much for your prayers and your continued practical support.

South Africa

Franciscan Sisters are looking after 75 AIDS affected children in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Sr Margaret McDermott writes that: "your funds enabled us to continue feeding ...

Tanzania food shortage

Many people in developing countries do not have access to safe, fresh water. Digging wells for communities is an important part of our work, particularly in drought ...

Drought due to unreliable rainfall is a constantly recurring problem in Tanzania. When the rains don't come, the crops wither and die.

Recent Projects

Fr. Andrew Lukhale, a Consolata Father in the Congo, writes: "We have only one nurse attending to more than 10,000 people and I am grateful for the help you gave ...

Rosarians - Borewell

No family can flourish without a proper home, yet millions live in shanty towns, or makeshift huts made of cardboard boxes and plastic sheeting. Many people are homeless. ...

Homes for poor

AIDS affected

children - South


Digging Wells - India

Drought and food

shortage - Tanzania

Homes for poor


Feeding programme and

dispensary - Congo


Please help the Little Way support the church in Ukraine and, thus, give vital assistance to the country’s beleaguered people. Millions of families have been displaced in their own country and over two million have sought refuge by crossing international borders.  A bishop in south-western Ukraine, whose identity we must protect, has written that his diocese has already taken some 300 displaced women and children into their seminary, youth centre and retreat house.  These refugees all need food, clothing and hygiene products. The diocese is also providing free medical examinations.  Another 100 refugees are in a church school and the bishop writes: “The refugees sleep in the classrooms.  We have provided mattresses, blankets, etc., we prepare the food in the kitchen and the refugees get three meals in the dining room.  In the basement there are 10 shower cabins.  People are very grateful.” He adds: “We collect food in our parishes of our diocese - some food we keUkraine little girl1ep for refugees in our archdiocese and some food we send to the [Russian occupied] east of Ukraine.”  The bishop sends his blessing on all who would help him. 

Iryna Havryshkevych, head of projects for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic church, writes: "I am very grateful for all your prayers for Ukraine and for your initiative to support us in these difficult times.  The war in Ukraine affected foremost the priests and religious serving in the eastern territories of Ukraine.   Many priests and religious stay at the frontline with their parishioners (for today - estimated 110 priests and 70 religious).  We are searching for the funds to support them.  Would The Little Way Association be able to provide emergency existence aid for them?" 

Please give what you can for the families, clergy and religious of this war-torn country.  Every penny you send will be gratefully received and sent without deduction to help the suffering people of Ukraine. 

       Please join us in praying the rosary for peace in the Ukraine and for her afflicted people.



Distributing foodFunds are urgently needed to provide food, water, hygiene kits, blankets, shelter, medical aid, treatment and hospitalization for thousands of traumatized victims in Syria and Turkey.

AVSI, an Italian Catholic Foundation working on the ground in Aleppo, have contacted The Little Way Association requesting funds to help lessen the suffering of many people so terribly damaged by the earthquake in the Aleppo region.  They are assisting 90 families with children in a centre of the Ministry of Education with blankets, hats and socks for babies and children, and food for everyone. Also, many hygiene items and hot drinks to combat the bitter cold.

Cardinal Mario Zenari, Apostolic Nuncio to Syria, has written to The Little Way Association supporting the work of AVSI in Syria and said “I thank you for what you will be able to do to help the Syrian population in these very uncertain times.


Please give what you can and remember the suffering people in your prayers

Thank you and may God reward your generosity.

The Little Way Association has sent a substantial sum for the relief of the suffering victims in Syria.


Flood-hit victims urgently need our help


Bishop Khalid Remat, of the Apostolic Vicariate of Quetta, is urgently asking for our help for 3,600 of those in great need as a result of the very heavy monsoon rains.  He writes to The Little Way Association:  "Those whose homes were damaged or destroyed need above all food and clean water.  Polluted water is likely to cause, especially to children and pregnant Pakistan Floods 4women, pneumonia, diarrhoea, dengue fever, on top of the malnutrition they are enduring.

"Our project, upon which ten volunteers and ten members of staff will work free of charge, will aid flood victims in the districts of Sibi, Loralai and Pashin.  With your help 600 families will be provided with food items such as wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, tea, pulses, rice and milk packs.  The families will be given drinking water, high energy biscuits, hygiene kits, soap and washing powder.”

Please will you send a donation today to help some of Bishop Khalid’s people

The situation is desperate.  Your gift will be forwarded WITHOUT DEDUCTION to Bishop Khalid to provide food, and basic essentials to help the flood victims to overcome their sorrow and hardship.  Please give whatever you can.  Thank you.

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