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You can make a donation to those in greatest need by clicking the “Donate Now” button on the right of this page.  Every penny we receive will go to those in need - the Little Way makes no deductions for administrative expenses (we have a separate fund for this purpose).  You can choose which project you wish to support  -  hungry, sick, needy, children, refugees, the homeless, those suffering from HIV/AIDs, orphanages and those suffering in natural disasters/famine, as well as supporting missionaries and catechists.  When you donate you will be asked to think of a password which you can then use to quickly log in should you wish to donate again in the future.  There is also the option, if you prefer, of setting up a regular monthly payment to the Little Way.  Please note that our online donation system for credit and debit cards is 100% secure.  If you do not live in the UK you can still donate using your usual card (the donation will be converted to Pound Serling and credited to the Little Way).

If you wish your donation to be used for a specific purpose (e.g. starving, abandoned and needy children) then you can donate by clicking one of the buttons below.

1. Hungry, sick, deprived and refugees:

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Many of our supporters leave a legacy for the Little Way Association in their will. Mass is offered each day for benefactors both living and dead. The Form of Bequest given below should be incorporated in your will, signed and witnessed:

"I __________ GIVE the sum of  __________ FREE OF DUTY to the charitable organisation known as The Little Way Association of Sacred Heart House, 119 Cedars Road, London SW4 0PR (Charity Registration No. 235703), to be applied for its general charitable purposes, and I DECLARE that the receipt of the President or other authorised officer for the time being of such organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge for my executor."


If you wish to donate to a particular project please send us your donation by post, specifying which project or area you would like to support. Please make your cheques payable to The Little Way Association, and post to Sacred Heart House, 119 Cedars Road, Clapham Common, London SW4 0PR. Please send us your name and address with each donation so we can acknowledge receipt.

We also have a fund for administrative expenses (which includes the upkeep of Sacred Heart House). If you wish to contribute to this fund please let us know when you donate. 

Franciscan Sisters are looking after 75 AIDS affected children in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Sr Margaret McDermott writes that: "your funds enabled us to continue feeding ...

Many people in developing countries do not have access to safe, fresh water. Digging wells for communities is an important part of our work, particularly in drought ...

Drought due to unreliable rainfall is a constantly recurring problem in Tanzania. When the rains don't come, the crops wither and die.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything following Nepal's devastating earthquake. We are sending funds to those in need through the Salesians of Don Bosco.


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AIDS affected children  -  South Africa

Digging Wells - India

Drought and Food shortage - Tanzania

Earthquake Relief in Nepal

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Aids South Africa
Tanzania food shortage
Nepal earthquake
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