ChildWithRice2Countless missionaries throughout the world ask The Little Way Association for help to feed, clothe and house deprived children.  They tell us of orphaned children left alone with no one to love or care for them, and of street children, totally abandoned, hungry and homeless, experiencing much anguish and hardship during their most tender years.  Many of these children’s future depends upon whether a missionary can find sufficient funds to care for them.   

Could you save the life of one child?

Your gift will enable a missionary priest or sister to carry the love, care and compassion of Christ to a deprived, abandoned or orphaned child.


Your Eastertide gift to our Risen ChriST:

Help train a young man for the

missionary priesthood

Please help a deprived, abandoned or orphaned child

OrdinationEach year The Little Way AsSOCIATION receives  numerous  requests from  Religious  Orders  in  mission  lands for help  to  train their seminarians.

It costs approximately £84 a month (£1,000 per year) to feed, clothe and educate a student for the priesthood

The  great  majority  of  young  men  who  come  forward  to  offer  their  lives  to God,  and  His  people,  come  from  poor  families.  Their  parents  do  not  have the  means  to  support  them  financially.  The  cost  of  educating  and maintaining  seminarians  is  often  a  heavy  burden  on  the  Religious  Orders.   It costs approximately  £84  a  month  (£1,000  per  year)  to  feed,  clothe  and educate  a  student  for  the  priesthood.   We  appeal  wholeheartedly,  this  Easter, to  all our supporters  to  help  train  and  support  a  candidate  for  the  priesthood. 

Any donation you can send will be most gratefully received, and will be sent without deduction, to help to train a young man for the priesthood.







Your Mass offerings mean so much to missionaries.  The poor and deprived people, whom they serve so faithfully, have little to give and often turn to the missionary for assistance.  Mass offerings help to provide the missionary priest’s maintenance and assist  him to extend the Kingdom of God upon earth.


We like to send a missionary a minimum of £5 or more for each Mass.


After clicking on “DONATE NOW”  button below you will be on the Charity Checkout page. In the message field, please list the intentions for which you wish the Masses to be offered, and state the number of Masses.




Missionaries constantly appeal to The Little Way for funds to sink wells in order to provide clean water, the lack of which causes much illness and many medical needs.  On average, women in Africa and Asia walk approximately three  hours every day to fetch water, often in scorching heat.

Can you help?

Every pound you send will be forwarded intact.



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