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The Little Way Association is a charity that aims to help the poor, needy and sick in developing countries throughout the world.  For over 50 years the Association has provided assistance to those in need, currently raising around 4m each year.  Most of our supporters are Roman Catholics, but some of our benefactors belong to other Christian denominations and other faiths.  Any donation which is sent to us  by post, by banker's order, or online through this website is used entirely for the purpose(s) specified by the donor (we have a separate fund for administrative expenses). We make sure that the money goes to help those in the greatest need by ensuring that all projects we support are supervised by the local bishop or missionary society.  Our funds provide food, medicines and other aid for the hungry, sick, refugees, needy children, lepers and victims of natural disasters.  We give funds to help build small houses and schools, provide wells, roof mission chapels and support Missionary Priests, Sisters and Brothers in clinics, hospitals and orphanages.  In times of famine and drought we provide emergency relief.

Will you enable a missionary priest or sister to carry the love, care and compassion of Christ to those of our brothers and sisters in dire distress and in urgent need of help?

Your gift will mean a chance of health and happiness, perhaps even the difference between life and death.  Please help The Little Way Association  to respond to the hundreds of requests received each week from bishops, priests and sisters all around the world appealing for help on behalf of their suffering people by donating whatever you can.  Every penny you send will be gratefully received.

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Zambia - Sr Cecilia Tembo

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Your gift to support our brothers and sisters

in dire distress and in urgent need of help

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South Africa

Franciscan Sisters are looking after 75 AIDS affected children in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Sr Margaret McDermott writes that: "your funds enabled us to continue feeding ...

Tanzania food shortage

Many people in developing countries do not have access to safe, fresh water. Digging wells for communities is an important part of our work, particularly in drought ...

Drought due to unreliable rainfall is a constantly recurring problem in Tanzania. When the rains don't come, the crops wither and die.

Recent Projects

Fr. Andrew Lukhale, a Consolata Father in the Congo, writes: "We have only one nurse attending to more than 10,000 people and I am grateful for the help you gave ...

Rosarians - Borewell

No family can flourish without a proper home, yet millions live in shanty towns, or makeshift huts made of cardboard boxes and plastic sheeting. Many people are homeless. ...

Homes for poor

AIDS affected

children - South


Digging Wells - India

Drought and food

shortage - Tanzania

Homes for poor


Feeding programme and

dispensary - Congo




Distributing foodFr Thota Sunil Raju, Director of the Social Apostolate in the east Indian diocese of Vijayawada, writes to The Little Way Association: “We have a leprosy colony where there are patients and cured persons along with their children.  Please will you help us to enable these families to have improved living conditions and for the children to continue their education and have improved health. We are also trying to assist orphans in remote villages, many of whose parents died of COVID.  The children are suffering severely from malnutrition and are unprotected from serious illnesses.


We are channels of God’s mercy and compassion

“The Little Way Association, your donors and we ourselves are only channels through which our Heavenly Father works to create a better life for many.  When the children can attend school in decent conditions and safety their confidence will increase and they will know they are loved and cared for.  To bring this about we need your support with food, medicine and other vital expenses.  Every penny counts and your supporters will always be in our prayers.”




 Picture1Bishop Barthelemy Yaouda has written to The Little Way Association from Cameroon telling us that the far north of his country is the driest and poorest area: “Women and children have to walk miles each day to collect clean water, sometimes making the journey several times a day.”  The bishop continues:  “This has a bad effect on the children’s education and is a severe burden for their mothers.  Many villages use unsafe water from ponds and poorly-maintained wells for domestic purposes.  These waters are teeming with bacteria, parasites and mosquito larvae which are propagators of several waterborne diseases.  The village of Konkorong has 1,012 inhabitants and its current water point is used for both human and animal use. A well-constructed borewell will improve the health of the whole population.”

The Little Way Association receives many appeals asking for help with the cost of digging borewells for drinking water.   Any donation you can send us “for clean water projects” will be

Mass is offered daily for all our supporters’ intentions. Thank you so much for your prayers and your continued practical support.


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